Yosemite Lakes

Groveland, CA
Perched just 15 minutes away from Yosemite National Park entrance, we reside comfortably at the center of numerous customer praises for our premium location. But our easy access to one of America's most beloved natural treasures is just the tip of the iceberg. Guests of all ages rave about the wealth of activities on offer, our well-kept facilities, and of course, our warm, friendly staff.

Unrivalled Accommodation and Unique Options

One delightful surprise for many of our guests is the eclectic range of accommodations available, from tenting to RV spots to our special "Scotty's Vintage House" that sleeps ten adults. Packed with windows revealing the park's jaw-dropping beauty, Scotty's Vintage House triggers a longing to soak in the natural scenery through every waking hour.

Our inventive River Yurts get special mention too. Not only spacious, quiet, and beautiful, but they come packed with amenities that guests tell us they "wish [they'd] extended our time".

Resort Amenities