Spotlight | Walk the Trails with Us!

Did you know that walking just 10,000 steps per day, (approximately 5 miles) is a great way to stay fit? Or that walking is one of the most popular forms of physical activity in America?

Our Thousand Trails preserves offer fantastic walking experiences for walkers of all levels. From coastal paths to forest walks, to lakeside trails or scenic pathways, our trails are truly a walker's paradise. And, thanks to our Walk the Trails program you can make great strides to get fit while enjoying the great outdoors, and get some really cool pins in the process.

To get started in this program all you have to do is pick up a "Walk the Trails" mileage log from the Preserve Office or Ranger Station and get walking. Each day you will log the miles that you walked that day. You can also download and print a mileage log here. And there's more than just fitness rewards with our Walk the Trails program! Once you have logged 50, 100, 150, 250, 500, 750 and 1000 miles, bring your card to any Preserve Office or Welcome Center to redeem your mileage pin reward! (Hikers can expect pins to be available at the preserves at the end of June.) Miles logged are cumulative and may be carried over from preserve to preserve. There's no official "mileage checker" so this program is all on the honor system.

Many of our members have been enjoying our trails for years so if you have walked a lot of miles or found a perfect trail, we would love to hear about it. You can share your trails stories with us at or by sending a note to Walk the Trails, c/o TrailBlazer, Two North Riverside Plaza, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60606. Photos are welcome too – please share them with us at And don't forget to join us on our Thousand Trails FaceBook Page!

So the next time you visit a Thousand Trails property, remember to join in the Walk the Trails program and start walking towards a healthier future, with some great views thrown in!

A Bit About Some of Our Trails:This is just a small listing. For more information about our trails, please visit

Just follow these simple steps to

Walk The Trails!
  1. Pick up a mileage log from the preserve office/ranger station or you can print a mileage log
  2. Walk the trail
  3. Log your walk on your mileage card

A Bit About Our Trails! California

Lake Minden offers a beautiful one and a quarter mile walk on the road that circles the lake, which some walk for exercise and others to experience the birds, waterfowl and wildlife in their natural habitat. Photo opportunities for sunsets, moonrises, as well the changing seasons are another plus to this picturesque walk.

The trail at Ponderosa is exactly one mile long and meanders along the beautiful South Fork of the American River where walkers can watch whitewater rafters and kayakers paddle by.

The trail at Wilderness Lakes is 1.2 miles long along the paved perimeter of the preserve, providing a pleasant, level and easy walk.


At Gateway to Cape Cod, the trail is one mile total, if you include the pond spur that leads to the outer roads of the preserve. One of the best features is the pond spur which brings the walker to the dock where they can often catch a glimpse of the resident swan and duck families or the occasional otter frolicking.

New Jersey

A one mile walk around the 12-acre lake is what you'll find when you hit the trail at Lake and Shore. The trail is a favorite for walkers, hikers and bikers alike and come October, it sets the sight for the preserve's annual Haunted Hayride.

North Carolina

Lake Gaston has a one mile trail onsite, known for great sunset photo ops from the pier facing beautiful Lake Gaston.


The trails route at Pacific City, 2.5 miles in total, loops through the preserve and offers excellent photo opportunities along the way thanks to ocean views and wildlife sightings.


Bay Landing's trail is five miles long and loops throughout the entire preserve so walkers find themselves starting and stopping at the same point.

It's a two mile trail at Lake Conroe, starting at the Activity Center, through C Section, down to the lake and back, back past the AC, through D Section and back to start. Sounds like fun, right?

A favorite part of the 2 mile trail at Lake Tawakoni trail is the Mo Stark Trail through the woods at "H" section. The trail circles the main loop, ballpark and "C” section.


The trail system at Leavenworth is quite extensive with six beautiful, forested miles of trails in an undeveloped portion of the preserve. Some trails border streams and others have beautiful mountaintop views of the entire Chiwawa River Valley. All trails are on the resort property and are worth the walk!