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  • Stars & Stripes for Heroes
    Starts: 05/24/2019 - Ends: 05/27/2019

    A weekend to come together to celebrate and honor the brave. Climb aboard authentic rescue vehicles and chat with local first responders.
    Enjoy the "Nicky D's" band on Saturday night and "Good Tyme" DJ on Sunday.
    Participate in a flag raising ceremony and fallen hero salute sponsored by a Scout troop on Monday.

  • Boo Boo's Pirate Palooza
    Starts: 05/31/2019 - Ends: 06/02/2019

    Ahoy Matey! Can you talk like a Pirate? Come learn some Pirate lingo. Fremont Jellystone Park will come alive with Pirate fun on "Talk like a Pirate Day". Enjoy a Pirate themed Scavenger hunt, trivia's, puzzles and crafts.
    All hands on deck with "The Kitty Corona Band" on Saturday night or walk the plank!

  • Cindy's Fairy Tale Madness
    Starts: 06/03/2019 - Ends: 06/09/2019

    You are never too old to DREAM! Join us for fairytale, mystical fun! Bring your fairy tale costume along for the costume contest Saturday night. Trivia contests, puzzles, movies just to name a few of the surprises in store for you this weekend! Dance the night away with some classic rock performed by "Super Vinyl" Saturday night.

  • Dad's Fishing Expedition
    Starts: 06/10/2019 - Ends: 06/16/2019

    It's all about dads, granddads, or anyone you call "papa". Come start your weekend off with breakfast with "papa" and a visit from Yogi. Then head on out to the lake for some good ole Fishing with Dad. Take Dad back for a nap and head on over to the Pavilion to make that something special for Dad. Then join "DJ Kevin" for a night of dad's favorite tunes!

  • Delightful Dino Days
    Starts: 06/17/2019 - Ends: 06/23/2019

    Stomp, stomp, Roar! Ever wonder how fossils were made? Join us Saturday to make your very own! Stop by the volleyball court and join in on the dinosaur dig. Stomp on over to the pavilion to join in on some super exciting tie-dye among many other activities for the weekend. End the night with "Good Tyme DJ" as he "Stomps" and you "Roar" the night away.

  • Ranger That "Yogi"
    Starts: 06/24/2019 - Ends: 06/30/2019

    Ever wonder what it's like to be a park ranger? Well, Ranger Smith will be here this week to lead us in becoming park rangers. Join us for park learning adventures and crafts while you earn an official Jr. Ranger certificate!
    Join us for learning the stages of growing a plant then head on over to the pavilion for a night of fun with "The Sims & Leigh Band".

  • Red - White and Boo Boo
    Starts: 07/01/2019 - Ends: 07/07/2019

    Bring your red, white and blue decorations and compete for best decorated site, best golf cart and best bicycle. Show off your decorations as Boo-Boo leads our parade throughout the park on Saturday. Face painting, magic show and balloons from a really silly clown!

    Head downtown Fremont for the Fourth of July Parade then back to the pavilion to Rock the 4th away with "Good Tyme DJ". Join us for some crafts, a scavenger hunt and other activities throughout the long weekend. End the weekend with a bang under the pavilion with "DJ Kevin."

  • Yogi's Groovy Weekend
    Starts: 07/08/2019 - Ends: 07/14/2019

    Get your groove on as we celebrate the 80's Yogi Style! Bring your favorite 80s idol dress up for the costume contest. Let's get tangled as we play a game of twister.
    Join Cindy for a Strawberry Shortcake ice cream social and many other crafts and activities this weekend.
    "Good Tyme DJ" will rock the night away on Saturday night!
    Enjoy candy bar Bingo on Sunday morning.

  • Cindy's Winterland Festival
    Starts: 07/15/2019 - Ends: 07/21/2019

    Ho, Ho, Ho Santa's sleigh has arrived, come chill out with Yogi and friends. You could see a possible sighting from Mr. & Mrs. Claus. There will be plenty of winter crafts, snowball fights, site decorating contest, foam party and other activities on Saturday. Come be jolly with "Sizzlin Sonny". He is sure to challenge your trivia skills.

  • Yogi's Scientific Time Warp
    Starts: 07/22/2019 - Ends: 07/28/2019

    Calling all Mad Scientists. Stir up some MAD concoction with Yogi and Boo Boo under the pavilion. Blow your friends minds as we write a message in your own invisible ink. Join us in watching your gummy worms dance on the table as well as many other crafts and activities.
    Then back to the future as we head for a night of dancing with "Time Machine" under the pavilion.

  • Boo Boo's Underwater Adventure
    Starts: 07/29/2019 - Ends: 08/04/2019

    There is nothing dry about it! Bring your towels and be prepared to get wet! Some of our activities will be a giant slip-n-slide, water balloon wars, water relay race, water gun fight on the hey-ride and a pool side DJ party with foam. Bring your floats to the pool and enjoy popcorn and a movie poolside!

  • Buckaroo with Boo Boo
    Starts: 08/05/2019 - Ends: 08/11/2019

    Howdy Partner-time to walk and talk like cowboys and girls! Beaded bandanas and sheriff badges are just a few of the western crafts to start the weekend off. Enjoy a night of s'mores and a campground social Friday night. Then on to rock the night away with "Super Vinyl".

  • Let the Good Times Roll
    Starts: 08/12/2019 - Ends: 08/18/2019

    Y'all ready for some beads and candy? Bring your Purple, Green and Gold beads and other decorations and throws to compete in the golf cart Mardi Gras Parade.
    Join the scavenger hunt to search for your gold doubloon that will ensure you a special Mardi Gras treat! Then head over to Cindy's Pavilion for some blues played by "Michael Murphy".

  • Wish Upon a Butterfly
    Starts: 08/19/2019 - Ends: 08/25/2019

    Come enjoy creating your own butterfly wings. Fly on over to Cindy's Pavilion to watch the caterpillars gain their beautiful butterfly wings!
    Join us for clothespin butterflies, tie-dye butterflies, origami butterflies, a butterfly hunt and many other activities.
    Join "Bahama Bob" as he drums away some beautiful tunes.

  • Raising the Bar for Sports - Pool closes Sept. 3rd
    Starts: 08/26/2019 - Ends: 09/02/2019

    Express your love for your team, show your colors and come play some ring football, then watch the game in the pavilion, while eating grilled hot dogs. Cheerleaders needed as well, make your pom-poms to cheer your team on! Which family will have the most team spirit?

    Join us Saturday in welcoming Gilbert Brown as we try to raise money for his organizations. Raffles, trivia, door prizes and many other fun football related events. End the night in the end zone with "Nicky D's Band".

    Join us Sunday for some clowning around and "DJ Kevin" in the pavilion. Candy bar Bingo, Golf Cart Cash Cab and many more fun items for this long weekend.

  • Pet Shenanigans - Limited activities
    Starts: 09/06/2019 - Ends: 09/08/2019

    Love your pooch? Our pool is closed so time for our furry friends to enjoy some water time. The pool will be open on Saturday for the 3rd annual pooch plunge. Dig for a buried treasure in the sand, pin the tail on Scooby, 'dog' eating contest for adults and children.
    Of course there will be a contest for the best owner/dog look-alike!

  • Bear-Lympics - Limited activities
    Starts: 09/13/2019 - Ends: 09/15/2019

    Join Yogi and Friends for sack relay races, tug o' war, hoola-hoop contest, and dance off Saturday night with "DJ Kevin"

  • Out of this World - Limited activities
    Starts: 09/20/2019 - Ends: 09/22/2019

    Blast off into Outer Space with solar system crafts and games. Fly to the moon as you bounce higher and higher on our jump pad. Then off to the pavilion for some outrageous tunes from "Good Tyme DJ".

  • Boo-Boos'-Boo-tacular - Limited activities
    Starts: 09/27/2019 - Ends: 09/29/2019

    Bump in the night? Ghosts and goblins are sure to be found! If you haven't stayed with us on our Halloween weekend, make your plans and book today!
    The Haunted Trail is an all time favorite and grows more each year. Kids will love our friendly haunted cabin, along with the site decorating contest. There are a lot of fun filled haunted activities for everyone. Golf cart and costume contest are a must this weekend!